Subsidies management

Due to their size or the number of wagons involved, medium-sized companies have so far lacked access to national and European subsidy programmes. The application process in partic-ular can be very time-consuming for them compared with the potential funding to be gained.

VERS GmbH has achieved an initial success with its idea to form a consortium for such companies: 2.5 million euros were obtained for a total of eight companies. The funds come from the programme to support the conversion of loud freight wagons to quiet braking technology, which was established in 2018 under the auspices of the EU funding instrument CEF (Connecting Europe Facility).

Individually, many of the participating wagon keepers would not have stood a chance with this CEF subsidy programme: At least 2,000 wagons are required for each applicant in order to apply for the funding. The companies participating in the consortium were able to pool together roughly 8,000 wagons, and they will now receive the offered subsidies for each wagon. The participants in the consortium include:

  • Aretz GmbH
  • CFL Cargo SA
  • European Rail Rent GmbH
  • Mosolf Automotiv Railway GmbH
  • On Rail GMBH
  • ORV GmbH
  • Tyczka Gase GmbH
  • VTG Rail Europe GmbH

VERS is prepared to take the lead in consortia for future subsidy programmes as well. A contractual framework developed with legal expertise from VERS GmbH can form the basis for such cooperative undertakings in the future. It is well suited for efficiently applying for subsidies even in the case of laborious application procedures and for ensuring an atmosphere of trust between the participating companies.

VERS legal advisor Karl-Heinz Fehr would be happy to answer any questions you might have.